Wednesday, March 23, 2005

last night was my initial waitress training at leona's. it went really was shorter than i expected, it was informative, and i got a free meal of all sorts of random food from leona's. given that leona's has awesome food, that was just great. :) i start shadowing a waitress tonight...i go in at 4:15, fill out my tax forms, chat with the manager, and then go on the floor.

the one major thing i'm going to have to do between now and then, in addition to shadowing and leading and learning to wait tables, is study for a test. i have to pass a test on tuesday that covers corporate practices and the menu. corporate practice is the easy part...the menu is not. leona's apparently has the second biggest menu in the city of chicago (second only to the cheesecake factory)...i believe it, that menu is enormous. i have to know so many random tidbits of thatmenu...i'm definitely going to buy a pack of index cards at cvs after i get home from the library and make flash cards for me to study over the next week. if i flash through them as much as i can over the next week, i'll know them absolutely cold. i need to know random things like the way the chicken strips are prepared, all the salad dressings, all the house wines and what vineyards they come from, all the kinds of chicken sandwiches, all the ingredients in various sexy pasta dishes...and lots, lots more. i know exactly what i need to know, given that they gave me a copy of the test at training last night, now it's just a matter of learning all the answers between now and tuesday.

the other thing is...i think i'm turning in my two week notice at the library next week. i have so much less motivation to ever come to the library now that i have this waitressing job full time. between that, and the fact that my boss and i seem to still be at a standoff after that misunderstanding last week, i'm really feeling like it's time for me to leave. i'll be happier waitressing anyway, given that it's just something different to do, and if i don't work at the library i'll be able to take more hours at leona's.

other than that...three more hours until i can leave the library for today. ugh.

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