Tuesday, March 01, 2005

in my foggy mental state while typing that entry last night, i forgot to say anything at all about how my first interview went yesterday at leona's.

it went really well. i talked to one of the two bosses there, kevin. he was really cool...good sense of humour, very personable, but made it clear he meant business. i think i made a good impression on him...outgoing, and strange as it is, i think my mock trial experience, my witnessing experience, ended up a huge plus...it's probably a good thing for a waitress to be able to speak comfortably in front of random people, and be able to act.

strangely, i'm ridiculously excited about the prospect of this waitressing gig. pragmatically, it's money, money that i desperately need. not only is it money, but once i'm done with my training and i'm actually out on the floor waiting tables, it's tips that i can take home every day, in cash. that'll be so freaking sweet. also, i think it'll be a lot more fun than this barcoding job. i get to interact with people on the floor, interact with the diners. sure, there'll be lots of grunt work too...cutting lemons and folding napkins around silverware and tidying up tables and all that stuff, but i won't be sitting at a desk all day. i welcome that prospect so much. granted, i'll still keep this library job 15 hours a week because it's something i already have (and it's more money i can make...work at the library a few mornings a week, and then waitress at other times of the day), but it'll be nice to have a complete change of pace, and get paid for it.

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