Thursday, March 31, 2005

i know ranting, blogging waitresses are a dime a dozen, but screw it. this job just has so much more to rant about than barcoding books does. this blog will probably have a lot of Ranting Waitress Posts, and this is one of them.

i did my first shift alone last night. my first two tables suggested to me that it would be the day from hell. my first table rang up a bill of $33 and some change. my second rang up a bill of about $50. the $50 table even paid their tab with a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL.

each table left me a tip of about $2.

furthermore, neither of those tables gave me any indication that they were dissatisfied with the service i was providing them. they looked perfectly happy with my service.


a note to people who eat out: if you're not planning to tip your server a customary amount (that's 15-20%, or at least that's what my parents taught me when i was little), DO NOT EAT OUT!!!!! if you are tipping poorly because i'm doing something wrong as a waitress, don't just sit there and not show it!!! tell me!!!! tell me what i'm doing wrong!!! get pissed off, and yell if you have to!!!! that way, i can try to change it, try to make it better, try to make you happy!!!! if you're going to tip me poorly, at least have the decency to tell me why--that way i won't be angry and confused, i'll be a better waitress, and i'll know what to do next time to make you and other customers happy!!!!!!


the good news is, those were the only two tables that pulled that stuff. the rest of the night, all the tips i got ranged from decent percentages, to even obscenely high woman even tipped me 50%! :) that made me happy happy happy. all in all, i think it was a good night...i didn't drop anyone's food, most of my customers seemed to be happy with me, and i even did happy helpful things like pick up a few other people's tables and run food to other tables when it got busy. i'm glad we start with a two-table section our first couple days on our own, but sometimes that gets to be too little to there's plenty i can pick up and also work on.

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