Tuesday, March 29, 2005

i haven't been blogging so much these last couple days, because so little has been going on.

i have a crazy story from waitressing, though. friday night, i was doing my first lead. we get a party of six...six high school students. they treated me and my trainer like absolute crap during the course of the night, but it was no worse than the general background rudeness i expected from a bunch of kids. then, it got crazy.

first of all, one of the guys at the table ordered the hot wings. let me repeat...he ordered the hot wings. we brought him his hot wings. then, he complained and sent them back becase they were HOT. we offered him barbecue wings instead, but he just sent them back.

note to any stupid people who may be reading this : HOT WINGS ARE HOT!!! don't get pissed at me if they're hot!!!

second of all, later, another kid asked me to bring him a box for his food. so, i went to the back, got him a box, and brought him a box for his food. then, he insolently told me "no, i meant, you take my food back and box it for me." i was really, really annoyed, but i did it...even though the rest of his table was perfectly content to box their food themselves (which is the general policy at leona's unless a customer asks otherwise...), and they were telling him to just box it himself.

finally, they got their bill. they were a party of six. it says on the menu...parties of six or more have a 17% gratuity automatically added on. so, we brought them their bill, and it had a 17% gratuity added on. they started yelling at my trainer about it. they said it wasn't on the menu, which is a total lie. one of the girls at the table says she works as a server, and she's never heard of that. that's bunk...i grew up in a family of six, and we always had gratuities added to our meal bills. it's just the way it was.

so, my trainer got the manager out, and after some arguing the manager finally took the gratuity off the bill. they paid the bill...but, of course, left no tip on a seventy dollar tab after treating me, my trainer, and the manager like crap.

luckily, that's the only outright diabolical table i had in my four days of training last week.

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