Monday, March 14, 2005

from my old lj, december 2nd, 2002:

i'm so easily amused. i mean SO easily amused. okay, i'm sure all of you knew that already, but this may beat out just about any other proof of this fact. i was processing books this morning, and i get one about the federal government's right to tax people. i glue the stuff in, stamp it, and shut the book when i'm done. i notice on the cover that one of the editors of the volume is none other than a mister Donald Racheter. That got me giggling for a while, and i've had this big dumb grin on my face ever since, for about the last twenty minutes. i don't know why i find that so amusing (he's a professor, i'm sure he writes plenty of stuff in addition to being American Mock Trial Association brass...), but i do. maybe it's because my job is so boring that anything at least somewhat amusing becomes really amusing. i don't know, but i'm sure amusement is good for my sanity, or something...

let's laugh at the asshat. again.

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