Sunday, March 13, 2005

...i'm finally back in chicago. technically, i've been back since thursday boyfriend and i drove back in, in time for mock trial practice thursday night. other than that i've been chilling out and watching tons of college hoops. :) i did finally have my second interview at leona's friday night--they said they'd get back to me this weekend, if they don't get back to me by tomorrow, i'm going to call them after i get off work at the library. i really want this job to pan out, it would be awesome.

last night was weird. my boyfriend, one of my roommates, another friend, and i all played a saved by the bell board game. we drank beer and vodka/red bulls, and pretended to be thirteen-year-old girls. it was absolutely silly, and wonderful at the same time. i enjoyed that a lot. that game was totally intended to be played at an all-girls slumber it was ridiculously amusing to play it with one other girl and two other guys. it was funny, all these questions about crushes and popularity and stuff...right in front of my boyfriend. oh well, it was nothing serious...just an overblown, tipsy aping of a teenage slumber party. i love it.

ughhhh...i have to go back to working at the library tomorrow. i don't want to. i guess i should finish my stuff here on the computer and walk back home to cook dinner. that might be good.

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