Saturday, February 12, 2005

princeton review cancelled on me yesterday, so no training today. that's frustrating, but at least it meant i got to sleep in last night for the first time all week. that's at least good, because i don't think i caught up on sleep from that bus ride until today.

instead, i stayed up playing boardgames with my friends, and then slept in until 10 this morning. that was just plain awesome. today, i have a one-on-one workshop with one of the mockers, and then i don't know what i'm doing tonight. maybe dinner, maybe not, i really don't know. i want to meet someone and do something. still, tomorrow's the huge mock trial day...we have scrimmages, and then i have at least three one-on-one meetings after the scrimmages.

yep, it's the weekend before regionals.

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