Friday, February 11, 2005

i'm having a song lyrics kind of day, so i'm going to bring you...Guess The Song Lyrics, Alone With All My Wrongs Style, Part Deux!

1. preach all you want but who's gonna save me
i keep a gun on the book you gave me
hallelujah lock and load

2. everyone here hides
shades of shame
yeah but looking inside we're the same
we're the same

3. it's the same old theme since nineteen sixteen.
in your head
in your head they're still fighting
with their tanks and their bombs
and their bombs and their guns
in your head
in your head they are dying

4. if you wanna be somebody else
if you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
if you wanna be somebody else
change your mind

5. if you can see right through the greed and all your needs
you'll realise that you are just about as bad as me

6. they were too weak
too prone to break
their needs too deep
their skin too think
by now you took what was to take
tear it apart and start again

7. by the time you come home i'm already stoned
you turn off the tv and you scream at me
i can hardly wait 'til you get off my case

8. felt the best that i could feel
censored every memory
give me yours so i can feed mine

9. i only see myself reflected in your eyes
so all that i believe i am essentially are lies
and everything i've hoped to be or ever thought i was
died with your belief in me so who the hell am i

10. without a dime to my name
or a prayer in the world
i walk out the door.

happy guessing!!! this one's a lot easier than my last one, i think.

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