Wednesday, February 23, 2005

i'm having a bullet-point kind of morning...

--spending the last two days doing nothing was not good for my self-esteem. i didn't feel up for doing anything, but all i did over the course of the two days was get more and more sluggish, and more and more down on myself for being a worthless bump on a long. even getting up to barcode books this morning has made me feel accomplished.

--i need a different job. barcoding is really boring. i need something to keep me amused, or at least keep me from feeling sorry for myself, full-time. although, i also need something that won't desperately want me to stay in town for the long haul, as my time here in chicago is winding to an end.

--i wish law school were starting tomorrow. it would give me something to do, and something to feel good about.

--i hate when good bands break up. i found out yesterday that the blank theory broke up, and so did no particular night...or mourning. add to that reforma, ratbag hero, and dysception all breaking up over the last couple of months, and that makes me really, really sad. oh well...madina lake, the new band with matt and nathan from the blank theory, and mateo and dan from reforma, had better be good. all four of those guys are really cool, i know them all...but i'll be really, really sad if madina lake isn't on the level of tbt or reforma.

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