Saturday, February 26, 2005

i'm definitely feeling better today...after bawling my eyes out when i got home, having the dreaded talk with my relatives (it had been a month and a half since speaking to any of them...yet yesterday was painless compared to what i feared, there was no yelling!), and going out downtown with some of my friends for sushi, i'm feeling like myself again. that crying my eyes out yesterday was a catharsis. catharsis is good. i'm feeling a lot happier, more together, and more motivated to not be a bad person.

yesterday afternoon also yielded the amusement of sitting around and watching one of my roomies do funny searches on he searched for "baseball", and apparently the carolina mudcats are looking for a public relations guy-slash-radio play-by-play announcer. i'd love to see him get that job. that would be absolutely amazing...and i'd actually go to north carolina to watch mudcats games and see him announce. that would be sweet if he could announce for the baseball team i grew up watching.

(side note: i was trying to type "" in that previous paragraph, and my fingers instinctively typed "". yay freudian computer slips...)

nsit email is down today: that sucks. lots and lots. i want to check my email, but i can't. oh well, at least the one electronic thing that could be worse than that is not is alive and well.

i went to hyde park records today to sell some of my cd's that i hadn't listened to in years. i walked in, and the guys behind the counter start ribbing me, asking me if i was bringing in any sarah maclachlan or james taylor or crap like that. then, they looked at the stuff i was turning in, and told me they were wrong about me, that the cd's i brought in were actually cool. i heart the guys at hyde park records...i've only been in that store a couple times, but every time i've gone in there, it's made for fun, goofy conversation and silly times. the first time i ever went in there, a couple months ago, the two guys were arguing about michael jackson and what his rightful place in music history was. they pulled me into the fray although i was some random person perusing the rock discs. they then proceeded to play billie jean on repeat several times (off of a vinyl record, of course...), because that was the only michael jackson song that the one guy who was trashing him could stand.

alright...done blogging, off to read everyone elses blogs. ::hugs all around::

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