Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i hate valentine's day.

when i was single and younger, and i didn't realise how much fun being single could be, it was a day for a pity party, a day for misanthropy, a day to hate the fact that everyone was paired off into smarmy old couples and celebrating that fact.

when i was single and older, and had realised that being single could be a heck of a lot of fun, i resented it because it had bullied me around in earlier days, and was continuing to ostracise other singles who weren't as confident in their singlehood.

when i was taken (and am, as the case may be), it just seems silly. not only do the same hatreds of it from my older singlehood still exist, it's just...i don't see the point in setting aside a special day to celebrate love, or do something sweet for your lover. i mean, shouldn't you always be showing them love? isn't it better to just come up with random, sweet things to do under your own volition? special, out of the ordinary demonstrations of love are definitely fun, i'm not railing against that at all. what i am against is a day that makes so many single people feel bad about themselves, and people in couples feel massive obligation to do on one day, in very specific ways (flowers, candy, swanky dinners out...) what they should want to do often, in special and unique love for and appreciation of their lover.

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