Friday, February 25, 2005

i had the weirdest dream last night. it wasn't disturbing like the vast majority of my recent dreams, but it was just goofy. i don't have a perfect recollection of it, but i have scenes.

i was called for jury duty for a very high-profile murder case. i was theoretically living in chicago, with all my friends here, but the house i was living in was my house in north carolina, the one in which i grew up. i had found out on sunday, with a piece of mail, that i was being called in on monday. we (me and a couple of my friends) had to get a few things ready monday morning before being picked up for jury duty...although those things weren't normal things, they included this large, twelve-person boat (ostensibly to hold a jury...) that we had to put together and rig up to these chains to be towed downtown. finally we got the boat together, and this pepsi truck came to pick us up and tow the boat downtown.

for some reason, some of my friends rode in the pepsi truck, whereas i was in the carload in another car. we waited for the pepsi truck to drive away to jury duty, and then we drove downtown. we get out of the car and go into this nondescript civic centre-type building, and find the jury rooms. there were lots of people milling around, and sign-up sheets all over the place. they weren't normak sign-up sheets, though...they were sheets where we had to write down all of our legal experience, our college speaking/mock trial experience, and our high school speaking/mock trial experience. that's the last part of the dream i remember, milling about in the jury room, writing down all of my college mock trial experience, making it look as good as possible so i would be picked for the jury for this fascinating case.

that was weird.

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