Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i finally crashed last night. about 1:30 am, i was on the phone with my boyfriend...and even the adrenaline rush of getting into law school was not enough to cancel out how late it was, and how little i had slept on the bus back to chicago the previous night. i passed out, slept like a rock...and almost missed work. i woke up sometime between 8:20 and alarm should have been set for 8:01 like it always is, but i just didn't do it before i went to sleep. good news was, i had enough time to get ready and make it to work on time. that's lucky, because i have to work full days tuesday through friday this week to make up for being away last week.

and, i don't even get to sleep in on saturday. i have my training for the princeton review job from 9-5 on saturday. that means i have to get up even earlier, because i have to be at the corner of diversey and sheffield by 9am. it's right off the brown line, not hard to get to, but it means i have to wait for the 6, take it downtown, then wait for the brown line at adams and wabash, and take it up to lincoln park. i'm going to be so tired, so beat, by 5pm on saturday that it's not going to be funny, since i'll really have no time this week to recover from not really sleeping monday night.

actually, i won't have any time to recover from anything between now and mock trial regionals, which is the weekend after this one. sunday i have mock trial practice, and then next week i have my library job, i have to organize what i'm doing for my teachback at princeton review, give my teachback on wednesday (another early morning, my teachback is from 9-1)...and then there's mock trial practice tuesday and thursday evenings, with probably a lot of meetings with mockers interspersed with everything else. really, if all i had to do was the mock trial stuff, i'd be a lot happier...i really wish coaching mock trial was my paying job. i love it.

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