Sunday, February 06, 2005

...i'm still in st. louis. i was going to go home saturday, but my boyfriend's roommate is gone, and i was not going to leave him home alone just a couple days after his operation. i'm going back to chicago tomorrow, though... i'm looking forward to seeing my friends again, but i'm really not looking forward to leaving my boyfriend. i know i have a life in chicago, stuff i need to take care of, that i've been ignoring for an entire week...but i've had him beside me for an entire week, and it's been amazing. i don't want to give that up. it makes me sad that i have to, for now.

at least he seems to be doing better, though. he should be able to go back to class tomorrow, for the first time in two weeks. poor guy, he's going to be so behind in his classes...i wish there was something i could do about that. :( i wish there was more i could have done about anything, this past week...but i've been doing what i can.

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