Friday, January 28, 2005 now i'm in wonderful dubuque. i need to be dressed and ready to go in an hour...but whatever, i've already showered. i have fifty minutes. the internet is so addictive. i've been on here at least thirty minutes, reading stuff and blogging and posting on perjuries. i'm addicted to perjuries. it's the greatest thing ever.

anyway...not much to say. the drive was alright, we got into dubuque last night around ten, hung around, played cards, and drank for a while. then i went to bed. i like bed...i like was so nice sleeping until nine this morning. i could have even slept until ten if my roommate's alarm hadn't woke me up. no fair...she just turned off the alarm and fell back asleep. i wish i could have done the same.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

wow. radio wazee is usually awesome, but today it's outdoing even itself. they just played "never there" by sparta, and then they played "existentialism on prom night" by straylight run. those are two songs i'm absolutely in love with.

and, i can't put my finger on why, but both of those songs are so perfect for me today.

wow...then it's "valley of disarray" by 12 volt sex. that's three in a row of uncommon amazingness...after that they played one that i wasn't crazy about, but followed it up with "can't talk to you" by KRIM...which has got to be my favourite song on the wazee playlist.
...alright, that picture should show up now. yahoo briefcase sucks, so i got a photobucket account and am hosting the image there. if it's not there this time...tell me, and i'll email it to you.

alright...i'm so unproductive at work today. i can't think straight...i just want to go home, pack my things, and go to loras. it's the third straight weekend i've spent at a mock trial tournament, and still i can't get enough. i really can't believe that after this weekend, all i'll have left is regionals and nationals for this year. that's scary.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

this is the cutest picture ever. i know i've never posted a photo of me in this thing, much less a photo of my boyfriend, but i must put this in here now. it was taken this weekend at mizzou, right after the awards ceremony.

apparently Joe West sells umpire supplies. he's also a country singer.

wow. my day has been made.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

i am obsessively checking my gmail. that's the email address i get all my law school application related email on, and it's the one i put on my applications in the first i guess i'm thinking that i'll hear back soon on that email address. still, it's senseless, since i don't actually know when they'll tell me, and i don't actually know if they do it by email or not.

i should stop being so neurotic. they'll reject me on their own time.
my roommate said something really amusing last night on the way home from jimmy's:

"chivalry is the price he pays for the fact that she doesn't orgasm every time."
thanks to erik from low profile, i finally have independent hunches were true, and ratbag hero is no more.


Monday, January 24, 2005

apparently, a bunch of sociologists decided to map out sexual connections among high school students. it's fascinating. it's also disturbing.
so...are they trying to say that name-calling is good, that it's okay to name-call if you're harassing someone for being queer, or that they don't support name-calling but also refuse to support anything backed by GLSEN? either way...i'm curious what conservative groups this article is referring to, and what they're thinking.

Conservatives Criticize National 'No Name-Calling' Week
Despite Gripes About Gay Themes, Observance Spreads Nationally

NEW YORK -- Middle schools across the United States will observe "No Name-Calling Week" starting Monday.

The program, now in its second year, takes aim at insults of all kinds, whether they are based on a child's appearance, background or behavior.

It has the backing of the Girl Scouts of America and Amnesty International, but a handful of conservative critics have zeroed in on references to harassment based on sexual orientation.

"No Name-Calling Week" was developed by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which is seeking to ensure that schools safely accommodate students of all sexual orientations.

The group said it's unsure how many schools will participate in this week's event, but says 5,100 educators from 36 states have registered, up from 4,000 last year.

i landed the gig with the princeton review!!! :) guess my tryout went fine after all.

i have training next wednesday from 1-9pm, and then my teachback the following monday at 5. i wanted to get my training over with as soon as i could, but the only sooner trainings they had were this weekend...and the heck if i was going to miss loras for this.

still...i'm happy. maybe i don't completely suck at life. i'm back from mizzou, and somewhat recovered. cookies for death and pestilence...death won the tournament with a 7-0-1 record, and pestilence finished 4-4. now everyone gets a few days to...go crazy before loras! yay!

no really crazy judging stories this tournament, unlike last one. first round was eminently solid...third wasn't all that great, except for nebraska's dehnert on cross. he was so good on cross, and absolutely took out the attorney trying to cross him. it was a sight to see. but...there was also a kaplan that round who denied the health and human services memo. you DO NOT deny memos. you lose all credibility when you do.

anyway, i only judged two rounds...too bad one of them had to be the third round, because i was DYING to see the chicago-kansas round. my boyfriend and i have been trading jabs about a chicago-kansas round for a long, long time now...and now that it happens, they're so short on judges that we have to judge a round. at least we got to judge it together, though...

it was really, really nice seeing my boyfriend this weekend...i hadn't seen him since right after christmas. i wish we had gotten to spend a lot more time than we did together, though, since i felt as though as soon as i got to see him, we all had to leave town again. hopefully he'll come to loras this weekend, though...and whether he does or not, i should be seeing him again pretty soon after that. i miss him so much...i'm always so much happier when he's around. call me sappy, call me silly, but it's absolutely true.

and...there were some ridiculously cute pictures of us taken at mizzou by one of the kansas mockers. they need to be sent to my boyfriend, so he can send them to me. :)

Friday, January 21, 2005

so now, i'm in columbia, missouri. i'm just about ready to leave for registration, and the first round of mock trial. i will be judging mock until 11 tonight. then, i'll be back tomorrow around eight, judging more mock.

it's absolutely illogical, but i love it. mock trial rules.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

oh yeah...and, before my interview, i was piddling around in the coconuts at diversey and sheffield. they had a used CD bargain bin. i bought "your body above me" by black lab...FOR FORTY-NINE CENTS!!! i'm out of my princeton review audition. it went pretty well. it was a lot more laid back than i thought it would be, and i was definitely Miss Enthusiastic when it came to telling everyone there about the fine art of Cross Examination. :) (yes, Mel...i couldn't think of anything better, so i took that page out of your playbook.) i'll find out by friday if i passed.

and, i'm so excited...bouncybouncybouncy! someone in one of the vita shoots cancelled, so now i get to be in a shoot!!! (don't worry, i won't be ::completely:: naked, for anyone who's planning on reading it at the end of this quarter.) the shoot's at nine tonight, in a big apartment at 54th and harper. i can't wait!!! i'm such a camera whore... tomorrow, laundry after work, and it's off to mizzou. it'll be lots of fun...i'll get to see my boyfriend, i'll get to judge mock trial, and death and pestilence will reign supreme o'er the midwest.
i have my princeton review audition today. i'm so unbelievably nervous.

Monday, January 17, 2005

i can be such a fucking doormat sometimes.
ughhhh...this is bad. i took a quiz, what state are you, and look what it gave me:

You're North Carolina!

A phenomenal basketball player, you enjoy soaring to great heights.
Flying is probably your favorite activity, and you're willing to board any plane at
almost any time. Physically, you're a little teapot, short and stout. And you're rather
prone to wearing capes. After a long search, you're pretty sure you've finally found
Mr. Wright. Hey, does he have a brother?

Take the State Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

i grew up in that hellhole, and it's an evil quiz that decides to remind me of it.
this meme has been going around, and i have a funny feeling my answer will be strange...and a little picture of the shifts that happened last year. so, here goes.

Copy and paste the first sentence of the first post of every month of 2004:

i rang in the new year as an extremely horrible person, and to be honest, i really don't care all that much. i'm back from dubuque with my psyche intact! with regards to that last post, nothing has been substantiated yet. i can't believe mock trial nationals start tomorrow night. i have the greatest boy ever. no time to write much of anything...but i'm not dead. i still haven't completely recovered from the fourth of july weekend. finally back from the first of my two vacations...i'm feeling good. it's been a long time since a song has just made me cry. so, my friends and i watched the presidential debate last night. thanks for the hugs, everyone. phrase of the day: "i can't." i'm finally back from northwestern. we didn't win the tournament, but we made a good showing there...and things are boding well for war and famine at loras. :) this weekend we've got another tournament, where death and pestilence will be loosed o'er the field. (yes, we named our mock trial teams after the four horsemen of the apocalypse. it makes me happy.)

(begin mock trial diatribe...if you're a mocker you'll probably follow this perfectly, if not you'll probably be extremely confused by it all.)

i judged three rounds at northwestern...those went well. there was almost nothing i saw that made me want to tear my hair out or throw was probably the best judging experience i've had to date. KU was fun, because i got to judge with my boyfriend, but we judged a lot of bad teams. at iowa i judged a lot of good teams, but i also had to judge one round with beau, who treated me like crap. ISU just involved judging a lot of bad teams...not as bad as the teams i saw at KU, most of them, but the quality of rounds i saw was uniformly not good. at northwestern, i judged two very good quality rounds, and one round that wasn't as good but was still better than those early tournaments.

i wasn't assigned to judge first round because apparently there was a coach at that tournament who had made a complaint about me as a judge at ISU (i won't name any names here, but my deductive reasoning leads me to guess who it was), but i think the accusations are unfounded. the person running the judging assignments, one of the northwestern coaches (a really, really cool guy) pulled me aside after first round and told me about the allegations...which i had heard about anyway, right after ISU, through the grapevine. he still let me judge the rest of the rounds, though, and apparently no one had any problems with me there because he assigned me to judge one of his squads third round, and let me judge a round ALONE (no other judge there, my ballot counted twice) fourth round.

second round was best described as a mock trial circus. i had never seen anything like it in my four years involved with mock trial. i had nothing to do with that fact...i was the scoring judge. the two teams had nothing to do with that...they were both clean, solid mock trial teams. but, the presiding judge has, shall we say, a little different idea of how a mock trial round should go than any other mock trial judge i've seen. good old brad bloch...instead of letting the attorneys argue objections, and basing the rulings on the arguments they make...he spent about five minutes grilling the attorneys on each objection...and even spent twenty grilling the attorneys on the entire content of francis leo's testimony, after letting all of it in initially as just an offer of proof. he ended up striking most of it. he got mad when the timekeeper asked about all-loss after plaintiff case in chief, saying it's the captain's responsibility...and then proceeding with defense case-in-chief as if there was no timing concern whatsoever. did he think that the attorneys would just stop making objections during defense case-in-chief because it was only an hour and twenty minutes until all-loss time? i don't know. anyway, the defense case-in-chief took even longer than the plaintiff (mainly because of that leo offer-of-proof thing). the defense rested--and it was six minutes until all-loss time. this was a problem, as each side can spend nine minutes closing. the presiding judge tried to encourage each side to waive closings, but the teams decided to do two-minute closings. they were speaking as fast as they could, trying to get their points in...and i was furiously trying to comment on the closings, score them, and rank the attorneys and witnesses so my ballot could get to the tab room in time, before all-loss. after the round, the presiding judge let me comment first...and of course the first thing i addressed was how the attorneys dealt with all the crazy grilling from the presiding judge, and how i was happy to see they got so much more comfortable with it as time went on. it was funny...i think that's the one round ever where i was the "nice" judge, the more traditional judge. a few of the mockers on one of the teams pulled me aside after the round, grateful for my sympathetic smiles i made every so often during the round, while the presiding judge was running the show. i really don't know what to say about that round...except that it was something that i didn't know happened during mock trial. it was extremely interesting to watch him judge, although i felt so sorry for all those mockers who had to deal with it.

although...most amusing thing from a round at that tournament was from that round. the defense was doing its siegfried direct, and they had a diagram showing the bones and muscles of the shoulder girdle. hilarity ensues:

attorney: "permission to approach the bench with copies of the diagram for the benefit of the court"
bloch: "that would be welcome, as it is clear that this court is no expert on girdles."

oh dear.

third round was amusing...i judged a round with my Supportive Gay Friend. i wanted to preside, but he said he was going to...and i kind of had to let him, given that he played his trump card over me: the fact that i had sexiled him at the iowa tournament back in november. it was interesting judging a round with him...he didn't do anything as a judge that surprised me at all, but it was still fun to watch. also, after the round, we were telling everyone who we were, what our backgrounds were, and we told them that we were both chicago coaches, both former chicago mockers, and were an attorney-witness pair for two years. this was the exchange:

him: "just because we mocked together, we won't necessarily have the same opinions on a lot of things. i don't respect her opinions at all"
me: "well, it's not as if he doesn't respect my opinions--we just argue a lot."

yep, the dynamic of our friendship came out loud and clear during those comments. it was extremely amusing. was true, our opinions were not the same at all. notre dame took his ballot by 1. northwestern took my ballot by 12.

fourth round, we were slated to judge together again. the coach from northwestern who was assigning the judges to rounds knew that he liked to preside, but also knew that i liked to preside. he told us to fight it out amongst ourselves, he was really amused by the entire thing. anyway, after the coach walked off, my friend pulled the sexile card again. we bargained, and decided that if he presided that round, he could never bring up the sexile in iowa again, and that if we judged a round together again sometime, i'd get to preside then. we shook on it, in front of a witness and everything, and then went to judge's meeting.

first thing at the judge's meeting, after the welcome presentation, the coach in charge of judging assignments said that there was a shortage of judges, and that two judges would have to judge rounds alone. he looks at me and my friend, and tells us that we are those two judges. in front of everyone at judge's meeting, he tells me that i indeed get to preside, and i was very happy. but, on the way to the round, my friend reminds me that since i got to preside my own round that time, he still gets to harass me about sexiling him.

oh well.

fourth round was interesting...i don't have any really funny stories about anything that round. i guess that makes sense, since all of my funny stories from this tournament (or at least all the ones that are decent for blog posting) have to do with co-judges. no co-judge, no funny story.

enough about all that.

(end mock trial diatribe.)

i didn't realise how exhausted i was after that tournament. i went to bed at 11pm last night, and didn't move until 11am this morning. i haven't slept that long in a long time. still, my head hurts this morning...i must have slept funny, or something. that makes me sad.

so much stuff to do this week. i have meetings 8pm meeting with the vita staff, to arrange when and for whom i will model for pictures. i'm really excited about modelling for them...i'm sure my friends all want to throw things at me (or at least just make me keep my clothing on...), but i think modelling for a sex zine will be lots of fun--so i'm going to do it. anyway, after that meeting, i have a shoreland scavhunt meeting at 10:30.

tomorrow i have to go to work, and then after it i have a meeting with one of the mockers. that's at 3, and then i have mock trial practice at 6. i don't know if i'm going to be coaching team meetings or judging a scrimmage...although probably i'll be judging the scrimmage, as i'm pretty much the only coach who can make tuesdays anymore.

wednesday i have more work at the library, and then at 4pm is my interview with princeton review. i'm hoping that goes well...that'll be a fun second job if i pass the interview and assign me somewhere. the thing i'm auditioning for isn't quite test prep...they have a curriculum for math and reading in failing schools, and the schools hire princeton review to have their people come in and teach that stuff. many of the schools they're doing this at are on the south i'm crossing my fingers that if i pass the interview, they'll put me at a school at least somewhere near hyde park. then...i probably have to do my laundry after the interview. yeah, laundry... i could do it today, but i'll probably not be able to force myself to. the laundry situation isn't desperate yet.

thursday i have work at the library yet again...but then i get to leave for mizzou. that's right...more mock trial!!! :) i'm really such a mock trial addict.

okay...this was long. really long. i'm going to shut up before i spend the rest of my afternoon typing blog entries, given that i've been at this one for almost an hour.

Friday, January 14, 2005

...the university of chicago may be where fun comes to die, but at least we don't stoop to harvard's level.

Harvard Hires 'Fun Czar' to Spice Up Student Life
By Greg Frost

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., (Reuters) - Harvard University students: overachieving, bookish bores or repressed party animals? A little of both, it seems.

Following complaints that it does little to promote campus social life, the Ivy League school has hired its first "fun czar" -- Zac Corker, a recent Harvard graduate whose job is to build community spirit and help stressed-out students unwind.

Corker knows a few things about kicking back. As an undergraduate, he helped organize numerous social events and put together a Web site -- -- aimed at protecting students' "right to party."

Described by the student government chief as "a creative schemer," Corker has gone from student to administrator in a few short months. In exchange for room, board and a modest stipend, he now serves as the go-to guy for students who have ideas about social events but don't have the time or knowledge to navigate the school bureaucracy and bring them to fruition.

One week might see Corker putting the final touches on a speed-dating event; the next, he'll be working with students to organize a dodgeball tournament.

Corker's tenure will be short-lived: The 23-year-old has another job lined up with the Peace Corps later this year. Harvard plans to replace him, and Corker suggests it hire another recent graduate like himself.

"It's really important for the person who gets this job to know the kids who come up with the ideas, know what groups they're part of and have a relationship with them," he said.


The idea of a fun bureaucracy -- the official Harvard newspaper dubbed Corker the "fun czar" -- may seem like an oxymoron, but apparently at Harvard it is badly needed.

Harvard is a school where students tend to maximize every waking hour both in and out of the classroom and have little time for the kind of unstructured amusement that passes for fun in most other places.

"It's not that we have trouble unwinding. Part of it is our extracurricular culture; people are so committed to everything that's going on on campus," said Matt Mahan, outgoing president of the undergraduate student council.

"Harvard kids have planners that are booked solid from when they wake up to (when they) go to sleep, and that creates the perception that social life is somewhat lacking."

Judith Kidd, associate dean at Harvard, said academics alone aren't to blame for the perceived fun deficit on campus.

"Yes, the kids work very, very hard here. And they worked very, very hard before they got here in order to get here," she said. "It's not us: They arrived needing help having fun."

But it seems there are a few who know how to have a good time. Perhaps too good a time.

At a party to celebrate the annual Harvard-Yale football game in November, some two dozen fans were taken to hospital and treated for alcohol-related health problems in what one student newspaper called a "Bacchanalia."

Boston Police Capt. William Evans said he witnessed students chugging hard liquor, playing drinking games, urinating in public -- in short, all the "animal house" behavior commonly associated with lesser-caliber schools.


"It was a disgrace," Evans said. "I had officers come up to me and say they'd never seen an event so embarrassing.

"If they're going to party, that's one thing, but when they're drinking themselves into ambulances, it's a whole other thing. We're all under the impression that they're America's sharpest and brightest, but where's the common sense?"

Corker shouldered much of the task of preparing for the Harvard-Yale showdown, and he and school officials insisted the event was a success despite the public drunkenness.

Kidd speculated that the festivities came under closer scrutiny because of the fatal riots that broke out last year following championships by the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox sports teams.

Thousands of drunken students from Boston-area universities took part in the riots, and police have been cracking down on underage and unsafe drinking ever since.

"In the past, from what I understand, the Harvard-Yale game didn't particularly reach the radar screen of police, and now it's there," she said.

Kidd also said she and her staff paid more attention to the Harvard-Yale game because of well-publicized alcohol-related tragedies. Several students have died of alcohol poisoning at U.S. campuses since the start of the academic year.

"Harvard is not immune to some of the problems other campuses have among a very small percentage of students," she said.

my life is at a standstill.

::tears hair out::

Thursday, January 13, 2005

by treble charger

i know a way that you can stay away from me
it's easier than what you heard and what you see

i've been counting
and what i keep
isn't what you need
knowing what you need
building sure-fire hearts into life-like ones

i can't complain explain it's hard to be that way
i can't be that way
i can't believe it's up to me to fade that way
i can't fade that way
reminding me i cannot stay

i think it's strange that you could change your mind for me
i only bought your line of thought that i could see

you've been counting
on what i keep
isn't what you need
knowing what you need
building sure-fire hearts into life-like ones
reminding me i can't stay alone

i don't know what you mean
i know i've finally worked it out
i can be that way
i can be that way
i know i've asked is this all true
i can fade that way
i can fade that way

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

tower blaster is so addictive it's sick.
they cut my hours at the library, and i've been freaking out hardcore because now i'm flat broke. so, last week, i applied for this job at princeton review that involves working part-time, four afternoons a week, teaching kids to pass standardized tests. in return, they will pay me bags of money--$20-$27 an hour, to be exact. i sent out my resume and cover letter last thursday.

today, they called me back. they want me to come in for an audition.


i can work that, in addition to my library job, and finally have some cash to spare. that would be awesome...i need to get this job.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

i need to stop being such an awful person.
...i'm stressed out, and my back is absolutely killing me. i can't decide if i'm tired, or i've gone insomniac. maybe both. i feel like i've lost the ability to function normally. sometimes i hate my life, and this is one of those times.

and, i'm going nuts...i've not been out of the city of chicago since ISU. since the middle of november. actually, i haven't been around the city much at all...i've not been out of the area bounded by sixtieth street, cicero avenue, fullerton avenue, and lake michigan in almost two months. this means no trips even to belmont or andersonville...the furthest i've wandered is out to midway airport in a failed attempt to meet my boyfriend, or up to neo for one night about three weeks ago.

waukegan's looking really freaking good.

Monday, January 10, 2005

[fred voice]

i'm such a loser.

[/fred voice]

Saturday, January 08, 2005

ex libris sucks. i'm at the reg all day doing mock trial office hours, and i was going to buy some food there. i haven't eaten yet today. i get to the reg, and now ex libris is closed! apparently it does not open on saturdays. this means no food at all for nicky until 3pm. now i'm sad.

Friday, January 07, 2005

from a list of funny political quotes...another reason why i heart barack obama:

"Well, here's an update. Since the election, that gay couple I knew in the red states? They've moved back to the blue states."

may i reiterate how much the republican party continutes to piss me off...and may i reiterate how idiotic it is that it must matter what state you live in if you're queer???
this story makes me sick. the bush administration should be ashamed of itself, and armstrong williams should be ashamed of himself.

he claims to have done it because it's "something he believes in"...but if he believes in no child left behind so much, why can't he just talk about it on his own time, instead of taking a quarter million dollars to talk it up? he should have known any talk of belief was going to sound hollow after people found out he took all that money.

media irresponsibility at its finest.
got this link this morning from my friend. it's really made my day...i was having a pretty crappy one so far, waking up at 7am for no reason, tossing, turning, and mentally berating myself for an hour...and then going to work at my dead-end job. but, a little silliness always makes things better.

Census Lists Renamed Lake As 'Butthead'

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. - Someone in the Census Bureau (news - web sites) may be watching a little too much MTV. Bevis Lake, a 5.7-acre body of water in a forested area about 25 miles northeast of Seattle, is now appearing in Bureau records with a different name: Butthead Lake.

Those two names — Bevis and Butthead — are almost identical to the 1990s MTV cartoon show "Beavis and Butt-head," which featured a pair of slacker teenagers who watch music videos and make bad jokes.

Someone at the Census Bureau must have gotten bored and made a joke out of naming the lake, said Ken Brown, a land surveyor with the state Department of Natural Resources.

"It's got to be," he said.

It's not unusual for small lakes in out-of-the-way places to have different names because of variations in county, state or other official records, but there are no such indications in this case, Brown said.

"That means someone is playing a joke, I think," Brown said.

i really, really want to meet the person that did this. i'd buy him (or her, although i have a strange feeling it was a guy) a beer, because anyone who did that to the official census bureau records would be an awesome person to get drunk with, not to mention to chat about or watch beavis and butt-head with. this makes me happy.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

i'm sad. this test sucks...i know i'm nerdier than more than sixty percent of the population. it was too heavy on computer nerdity...i bet if it were music nerdity or mock trial nerdity, i'd be queen nerd. :)

I am nerdier than 60% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out! my friend had a bunch of old farmer's almanacs a couple days ago, and he found this poem from the 1936 farmer's almanac. he read it to us during the mock trial officer's meeting. it's hilarious.

Ode to a Cow

When life seems one too many for you,
Go and look at a cow.
When the future's black and the outlook blue,
Go and look at a cow.
For she does nothing but eat her food,
And sleep in the meadows entirely nood,
Refusing to fret or worry or brood
Because she does not know how.

Whenever you're feeling bothered and sore,
Go and look at a cow.
When everything else is a fearful bore,
Go and look at a cow.
Observe her gentle and placid air,
Her nonchalance and savoir faire.
Her absolute freedom from every care,
Her imperturbable brow.

So when you're at the end of your wits,
Go and look at a cow.
Or when your nerves are frayed to bits,
And wrinkles furrow your brow.
She'll merely moo in her gentle way,
Switching her rudder as if to say:
"Bother tomorrow! Let's live today!
Take the advice of a cow!"
...this thing that happened yesterday is rather appropriate, given my post from tuesday.

yesterday i got promotional mail (i'm so used to calling it spam, even though it's more aptly called the old fashioned "junk mail" because it was snail mail) from a law school. one of those letters with the viewbooks, the application, and an application fee waiver because they "want qualified candidates to consider our law school." but, it was a huge ego wasn't from some random third-tier or just-accredited law school. it was from MICHIGAN!!! i have no desire whatsoever to go to michigan, but i do feel pretty darn sexy that they'd send me mail, that they'd be interested. i also feel pretty not that i can laugh in their faces and tell them no, as sexy as you may be, as sexy as you may think you are, i'm interested in someone else.

i'm a bitch. and i love it.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

i threw a snowball at the linne statue today, on the midway.

go me.
here's 100% of your recommended daily allowance of absurdity...courtesy of an IM chat between me and my boyfriend.

me: ...if you were here, we could go play in the snow and i could throw snowballs at you
Chris: hooray!
me: snowball fight!!
me: ::hides behind wall and throws snowball at Chris::
Chris: ::builds snowman::
Chris: ::and throws it at Nicky::
me: ::giggles at sight of flying snowman::
me: ::catches Frosty and throws him back at Chris::
Chris: ::gives Frosty his magic hat; he comes alive and runs after Nicky::
me: ::hides behind a tree to let Frosty pass::
me: ::takes Frosty's magic hat and puts it on::
me: ::nicky turns into a snowman::
Chris: ::takes off Nicky's carrot nose and runs away giggling::
me: ::starts running after Chris because it's so windy that the magic hat blew away::
me: ::demands that Chris put magic hat on me, return my nose, and take hat off::
Chris: ::puts magic peel on Nicky who turns into a banana::
me: ::pronounces that she is a banana::
me: ::takes Chris' enormous spoon and runs away with it::
Chris: ::crying, goes back to hide in his bucket house and reign over France::
me: ::kicks over Chris' bucket::
me: ::conquers France::
Chris: ::France runs away..'where's your country now?' ;)::
me: ::calls in army of bananas to get France back under control::
me: ::arrests Chris for treason::
Chris: ::unpeels Nicky-banana and threatens to eat it::
me: ::jumps out of open banana peel and becomes human again::
Chris: hooray!
i don't know if i've posted these lyrics in here before. if i have, i don't care. i'm having a day where this song is appropriate. it's such a great song of hope-as-desperation...and if there's one thing i'm feeling today, it's hope-as-desperation...or maybe desperation-as-hope...yup, i'm going nowhere.

"slow chemical"
by finger eleven

the wonder of the world is gone i know for sure
all the wonder that i want i found in her
as the hole becomes apart i strike to burn
and no flame returns
every intuition fails to find it's way
one more table turned around i'm back again
finding i'm a lost and found when she's not around
when she's not around i feel it coming down

give me what i could never ask for
connect me and you could be my chemical
give me the drug you know i'm after
connect me and you could be my chemical

when everybody wants the chemical of your soul
when everybody wants the chemical of your soul

slow and
everybody wants you
so slow and
everybody wants your soul

give me what i could never ask for
connect me and you could be my chemical
give me the drug you know i'm after
connect me and you could be the chemical

you could be the chemical
you could be the chemical
you could be the chemical
you could be the chemical

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

so, i'm getting in the habit of checking my gmail regularly. i started that address for no reason back when they started offering free addresses to blogger users. now that i've been out of school for a while, and i assume they're taking away my uchicago email address in may, i need to get in the habit of using a new address for important correspondence. therefore, i have my LSDAS account hooked into my gmail.

i'm getting the normal mail, the mail i care about...stuff like "we've received your application!" or "LSDAS has your letter of recommendation!"...but i'm also starting to get spammed by law schools. i haven't gotten too much so far, but i have a funny feeling over the next couple of months i'll be getting more and more and more of it.

half of me wishes i could put on my LSDAS profile the interent equivalent of a huge honking sign that has painted on it, in huge letters, "STAY AWAY. UNLESS YOU ARE WASH U OR CHICAGO, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU."

but, the other half of me is insecure as all get out, and is curious about who all is going to send me mail begging me to apply to their law school. it falls along the same lines as finding out about complete nimrods getting into law school...if schools i'm not interested in are interested in me, maybe schools i am interested in might like me too...just like when other complete nimrods get into law school, it gives me hope that this complete nimrod might.

Monday, January 03, 2005

i have the sweetest boyfriend ever. my apartment is absolutely freezing this winter. it's drafty and poorly heated, and if it's cold outside, i spend the evening huddled under as many blankets as i could find, trying to get warm and failing miserably. i got my holiday present from him in the mail today...and he got me a down comforter and a down throw!! it's so was so sweet that he gave me something nice and warm, so i won't freeze anymore this winter. that's just the most thoughtful gift ever.

i love him so much.

Sunday, January 02, 2005 of earlier this afternoon (strangely enough, after my last blog post), it's official.

"give it all" by rise against is an orgasm over speakers. aural sex, if you will.

that song is amazing.
oh gosh. it's 2005.

went out for new year's, which was a total blast. friday night i went out with one of my roomies, his sister, and another friend to this bar called north beach, up near weed street. it was a complete nuthouse...the way one my roommate put it, it was "a great cross section of the population between 19 and 22, many of whom had fakes." i'd have probably said more like 24 or 25 was the upper bound, but it was full of college age kids. they had open bar there from nine to midnight, and also free bowling.

we bowled once when we were rather sober, right when we got there...and again at 11:15 or so, when we were really, really tanked. drunk bowling is a bad, bad idea. we all did really stupid, i tried to bowl a sixteen pound bowling ball like i was a fastpitch softball pitcher. it went flying off the lane over near a bunch of people shooting pool. oops.

the stroke of midnight was fun, but extremely bittersweet for me. my roommate was out talking to a girl at the bar, but i toasted it with my friend and my roommate's sister. it was happy...but soon after i was really, really sad. i was really sad because i couldn't bring in the new year with my boyfriend...all i really wanted to do was give him a big kiss at the stroke of midnight, and tell him again how much he means to me. i called him soon after midnight, which was nice, but i just wanted him right there. i'm sure everyone else thought i was absolutely mad for crying over this right there, in the bar, but oh well. i needed it.

we finally left the bar around 2am. it was weird...we had stopped drinking around midnight since the open bar only lasted until then, but i just felt like i kept getting drunker...which i probably was since my body was still processing everything i consumed from nine until twelve. we managed to all make it home on the cta without dying, which was an achievement given how much we had drank. my roommate's sister must have been even drunker than i was, since i had to keep her from falling down on several occasions.

but, we made it home. yesterday kind of sucked, given that i spent the whole day hung over like the dickens. i was less hung over than i thought i'd be, but i was still pretty bad. my sleep schedule is all whacked out, too...i was up until 3am thursday night, and the last two nights i've been up until at least 4am. this is probably bad.'s 2005. no resolutions, i don't believe in them. i'm just getting old, older. hopefully i will start law school this year...i'm still waiting to hear, i don't know what i'm going to do if i don't get in.

partying for new year's is fun, but thinking about the future is hell. it's times like this i wish i were seventeen again.

"rock bottom's where we live
and still we dig these trenches
to bury ourselves in them
backs breaking under tension"
"Give It All"
by Rise Against