Wednesday, November 10, 2004

--you know you're a huge nerd when you're on the phone with your boyfriend at 11:30 pm, watching adult swim together and commenting on it. :) one more reason why he's the silliest, most adorable guy ever.

--plaintiff cotone is dangerous. plaintiff cotone is awesome. more teams should call plaintiff cotone.

--okay, so i guess my first goals at the shucker this weekend should be to be a good coach and a competent judge. but, i have a secondary goal--look really hot while doing it. i'm not wearing suits this weekend, i'm going the sweater-and-skirt route. between my hot new skirt from last weekend (that i haven't worn yet--it gets debuted at the shucker!) and whatever else i choose to bring...i'm going to be a bitch of a judge, and look hot while doing it.

--i realised this morning that i have seen the platonic form of the judge i hate. i really can't stand judges that give high scores out like candy, and then fawn "awwww, you all did so well!" and give no useful comments. the platonic form of this judge is the fawning female judge in team north's round against bradley A, second round at loras in 2003. (my team north readers--i'm sure there are at least two of you--remember her, i hope?) she gave eights, nines, and tens to just about everyone...and still managed to give bradley her ballot by SIXTEEN without giving us any useful feedback as to why bradley won her ballot by that much, or anything. thank you, ms. whatever--you were the formative experience for the meanest judge in the American Mock Trial Association. hope you're happy.

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