Thursday, November 18, 2004

work sucks. the basement is still so hot, even though i opened the windows yesterday to air it out. i've been down there about an hour or so, and already, i'm yucky and sweaty. for some reason, the idiots in charge of it have the radiators on, and i don't see any knobs to allow me to turn the radiators off. it's been worse down there yesterday and today than when i had to barcode those books right by the boilers. i need to get my books for the day done, and get the heck out of there...i've only got about half of them done, though. grrr...

then, i still have to go home and pack, since i didn't do so last night. i need three days' worth of cute judge clothing this time...i've got some of my outfits in mind, not all of them. oh well, guess i'll be throwing things into my bag at the last minute, since i get off work at 5 and we're leaving for ISU at 7.

ugh...i'd be in such a better mood if it weren't so nasty in the basement of harper. here's hoping i get my books barcoded and get back to the law library as soon as possible.

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