Friday, November 12, 2004

what's the deal with spam that's written as if it's a letter from a friend?!?!?! it really pisses me off. i got a piece of spam, with a random link, and the text was something to the effect of "that party last week was really great...i caught the highlights of it on my video camera...i got my camera absolutely free by clicking this link in an'd be great if you got one so then i wouldn't have to lug my camera everywhere." that was the gist of it, anyway...but make it into a long, rambling, ditzy paragraph. first of all, the closest thing i did last weekend was spend friday night getting trashed with two (count them--two--not enough for a "party") of my friends. they were both male, although the person who wrote that email was purportedly female. no one videotaped it. the highlight was a game of porno scrabble, which would have been better captured with a regular camera, not a video one. even when i do go to parties, no one videotapes them, and i sure wouldn't lug a video camera to any of the parties i went to, even if i did own one. for that matter, i don't even want a video camera.

in other words--anyone who writes spam should just make it a blatant advertisement, and not a mockery of a friendly letter.

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