Wednesday, November 03, 2004

this hurts me so much.

the republicans are about to win the election.

i have cried, earlier tonight.

the republicans are about to win.

as rotten as it is, it's enough almost to make me feel guilty to be dating a boy, but i feel so.

i hate life.

(edit: wednesday morning. that second to last line of rant...eleven states decided to ban gay marriage yesterday. they have made queers second-class citizens, in so many words. i hate sexual politics so much, but sometimes i can't shake it...despite the fact that i'm dating a guy, that doesn't make me any less bisexual, and these anti-gay efforts make me crazy on that personal level. sometimes it drives me nuts, the fact that people think i'm straight, or that i can pass for it--it's really freaking hard to explain, and have it make any sense, but after yesterday doing anything that republicans approve of, even on the surface, is enough to make me retch. it's silly, it's stupid, and it's clearly not enough to undercut the fact that i'm the luckiest girl ever for having my boyfriend in my life...but at times like this, the personal feels so political that it makes me just want to cry.)

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