Tuesday, November 02, 2004

thanks for the hugs, everyone. :) i'm doing a lot better...i was just having a very bad night on thursday. friday morning was fine...once i hit the road for my weekend in kansas, life was better. i had a nice weekend...it was great to see my boyfriend again, and i had a blast judging the tournament. i might just be the bitchiest judges in amta, but i hate so much the judges that fawn, "awwww, you guys all did so well..." and don't give any helpful comments. i write books for comments, and i don't give 8's, 9's, or 10's out like candy. kind of puts me in ballbusting mode after a weekend, but so be it. other than the tourney, i had a great time...saturday night i played poker with some of the kansas mockers (took second in the tourney, and had a blast going all-in every hand for about 45 minutes, as the short stack heads-up...hehehe). saturday and sunday nights i had nice nights out, dinners with the kansas mockers...i love that team. they rock. sunday night was crazy, as we drove all the way back from lawrence to st. louis overnight, and then my boyfriend had to finish a project--so we went to the library. so tired yesterday, but i'm recovering. monday i also sat in on a property class...once i learned some of the jargon, it was actually pretty interesting. :)

well...should go back to my desk, back to work. more later.

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