Wednesday, November 17, 2004

i'm so obsessed with mock trial. it is, without a doubt, the greatest thing ever. i love mockers. i love judging rounds. i love judging scrimmages. i love coaching my team. i love talking about mock trial. i love arguing case theory. i love it all.

i've been spending way too much time either on perjuries today, pondering about mock trial, recapping last weekend's tournament in my head, or looking forward to the tournament this weekend. as one of my roommates keeps making me repeat over and over again...i'm a mock whore. :)

and...irrelevant tangent, but i just had to mention it because it's bizarre. there's just something unholy and, well, dirty about having kris lyons and greg weintraub tag-team to make fun of you in the judges lounge. just...absurd. (if you know who either of these people are, i'm sure you'd agree with me about the idea of the experience. if you have no clue who either of these people are...just nod, smile, and take me at my word.)

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