Monday, November 08, 2004

i just had the most depressing conversation i've had in a while--and yes, it was about the election and its aftermath.

bush is a second-term president. he's not responsible to anyone. they're not going to repeal the 22nd amendment to let him run for a third term--since that would just make him responsible again, and that would also make eligible our most viable democrat--bill clinton.

no one in the bush administration is probably going to run in 2008. they have carte blanche...if people like it, the republicans will spin 2008 as continuing the bush legacy through their party. if people hate it, the republicans will spin it as a new direction in '08, since it won't be someone from the bush administration.

we need 2006 so badly. if the democrats gain ground, even if they don't get a majority in both houses, we've got a shot in '08. but, i'm not optimistic--if bush did what he did these last two years and still gained ground, i'd hate to think of what he has to do these next two years to lose any.

i want to cry.

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