Tuesday, November 30, 2004

i don't usually like to do memes or surveys on here, but i like this one, since it touches explanations i wanted to post in here anyway. i edited out a few features of the survey that are livejournal only, since blogger is a little simpler (my journal title is the same as my journal name.) anyway, explanations.

My journal title is: alone with all my wrongs. it's part of a line from "letters" by stroke 9...and a perfect description of why i blog. my blog is where i go when i'm alone with all my wrongs...if i don't have anyone i can talk to at the moment (as when i'm at work), or when something is so insignificant that it would not make the least bit of sense to anyone but me. there are a few happy entries here, but most of them chronicle...my sadnesses, my wrongs.

My subtitle is: "building my comfortable defense stronger still...". it's an adaptation of a quote from "absent elements" by finger eleven. this blog is full of all those little building blocks, all those absent elements, all those insignificant things that are so easy to hide behind. i very rarely touch on the larger issues here, it's a wall of the small things. that wall is my comfortable defense.

My blog domain is: absentelements. again, a reference to "absent elements" by finger eleven. i think i said it all in describing my subtitle, since the references are so inextricably tied together.

My profile picture is: it's just a random picture of me. it was taken this summer, when i was out at the lake on my boyfriend's family's property in kansas. i thought it was a cute picture, so i put it on my profile.

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