Wednesday, November 03, 2004

four years.

four years of people mad at president bush. four years ago, there were so many people flowing through the streets of washington, dc, angry that bush stole the election, righteously indignant because gore got more votes, afraid of bush's policies on women's rights, the death penalty, and everything under the sun.

four years, so many reasons to get him out of office. i'm no safer than i was on 9/11--i'm less safe, since clearly the president does not care that he's angering the world, and he's only doing more to get possible terrorists mad enough to strike. my roommate made a wonderful point this morning--all of the big city areas, the ones that would be most likely affected by terrorists, went for kerry.

four years, a war we should not have fought, tax cuts that have left necessary programs underfunded, a social security crisis, a health care crisis, the dying of our civil liberties...four years, and we're all worse off.

four years that the republicans have done a wonderful job of scaring people into line, scaring them into submission.

four years...and now four more.

four more years over which bush will have control over who gets on the supreme court. goodbye abortion rights...goodbye gay rights...hello chief justice scalia.

four more years of empire, of disregard for other nations, of reckless use of the military, of an administration too incompetent or uncaring to stick around and at least do some nation-building to clean up after its messes.

four more years.

and who do i blame? sure, i blame the republicans, to an extent, for their scare tactics. but, there's a group of people that pisses me off more: the whiners and complainers. i know in my heart that every single person who has railed against bush in the last four years, who has protested, who has begged other people to get bush out of office, voted yesterday. and, quite frankly, i want to slit the throats of everyone who complained and didn't vote. if you don't vote, you lose your right to complain about politics--it's that simple.

his election was a game of turnout, and we lost.

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