Monday, November 08, 2004

finally, blogger's letting me post again. i've had so much trouble with it these last couple days...grrrrr!!!

i can't believe the shucker is this weekend. i can't believe chicago's tourney season is finally starting in earnest. i also can't believe that i'm not actually going into battle, playing a witness. it'll be so weird...i'll be okay, because i get to judge, but still--it's not quite the same.

speaking of's funny. when i was a witness, my persona is whatever the witness demanded my persona to be. as a judge, i pretty much got to fall into my persona--and that persona is definitely the ├╝berbitch. back my second year, that term was used to describe my brook sills--but in that respect, she had absolutely nothing on nicolle the judge.

as for being a blatantly lesbian ex-marine, though...i think ms. sills still takes the cake.

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