Friday, November 05, 2004

a few things for the morning...yes, this is another one of my snapshot/bullet point posts.

--i have the greatest friends ever. i don't know how i'd have gotten through this week, much less the last several years of my life, without them. i love them all so much.

--after a bit of a scare, it's a sure thing...i'm going to the cornshucker next weekend, there's more than enough room in the cars with me, even with a certain coach going along. funny exchange at jimmy's last night...i guess the only real context for it is that i'll be able to see my boyfriend at the shucker. oh yeah...and the fact that the "certain coach" is not only someone who never comes to mock trial practice, but is not a very nice guy...and nobody on the team likes him very much.

me: "not only has he not been in the trenches like me all season...but he's NOT stopping me from having sex!!!"
friend: "nicky...normally, if you mentioned having sex, i'd shudder. but, this time...i understand."

--my body still has no clue what day it is...but it's indeed friday. not having to go to work tomorrow or the next day makes me happy.

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