Tuesday, November 23, 2004

...so i finally made it up to the post office at 46th and cottage grove to pick up my birthday package. it came in about a week and a half ago, and my birthday (22nd...i'm getting old!) was this past friday, but i couldn't make it up there during post office hours until today. i was going to take the bus, but one of my awesome roommates drove me there this morning. :)

anyway, i was opening the box, and i'm pleasantly surprised. last year, for my twenty-first birthday, i got three books from my aunt--and they were all ones that she had read for her adult children of alcoholics class. i hate self help books, everyone knows that. i found those to be very insulting gifts. this year, though, she was dead-on with the books...she gave me a bruschetta cookbook, and a copy of devil in the white city, which i've been dying to read. she did a much better job picking books for me this year.

although, my hands do hurt. my mom wrapped twenty or thirty fun size candies (m&ms and milky ways) individually and left it to me to unwrap them. kind of annoying, but rather silly--and a very my mom thing to do.

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