Monday, November 15, 2004 i'm back from iowa. all in all it was an alright tournament...a tough weekend for the chicago mock trial teams, but both teams pulled it together really well the second day. i'm proud of all my kids...they all get lots of hugs from coach nicky. :) they were thrown into the fire, and now they're all better mockers for it.

i judged in all four rounds, and i'm glad to say the quality of the mock trial i watched was very, very good. i saw some decent lawyering, a few truly excellent witnesses (NYU's Cotone, and Miami (FL)'s Leo come to mind),and two out of the four rounds i watched were very, very close. i even got to judge third round with my boyfriend, which made me very, very happy.

the only enormous gripe i have about the tournament is the person i was set to judge with second round. it was iowa's head coach...and i must say that he was one of the most unpleasant people i've met during the course of my twenty-one years on this earth. except for when i introduced myself, and when he grunted at me that he was going to preside over the round, he didn't say a word to me, didn't acknowledge that i existed. i wasn't expecting much, of course, but common courtesy. that seemed to have been lost on him. during the round, he was so rude to the teams that were competing...he was slouched in his chair, not even pretending to look like he was paying attention. it was clear he knew mock trial well, that he was competent, but his courtroom demeanour was reprehensible. after the round, he gave his comments, and i gave mine. he disagreed with some of them--which is just fine, pretty much every judge i've ever judged with (up to and including my boyfriend!) have disagreed on substantial points of comments given to the other teams. but, he wasn't nice about disagreeing...he cut me off, and completely dismissed my advice (of going for just medical damages with a kissner-cotone-dehnert plaintiff lineup) as disingenuous. he cut me off one other time during my comment-giving, although his dismissal of my comment wasn't quite as rude. i tolerated it because i didn't want to make a scene in front of the other teams, but inside i was seething, just ready to yell at him or rip his head off. maybe i haven't coached a team to two national championships or won a boatload of all-american awards, maybe compared to him i'm a mock trial also-ran, but i'm not completely stupid. i mocked for chicago for three years, and now i'm coaching. we're a good program. i know mock trial rather well, and the fact that i have a different perspective, and maybe a few less plaques on my wall, doesn't mean that i deserve to be treated worse than a piece of trash on the ground. he has no business being rude enough to make his scoring judge (me) cry after the round. the sad thing is, apparently he's always this rude. fourth round, he judged kansas' novice team against rhodes, and apparently he told kansas in so many words that they weren't prepared, and that rhodes was slighted and deserved to go against a better team. yes, 865 is a novice team, and they just restacked a week and a half ago. they probably need polish. but, he has no right to be so rude to them that several of them were crying after the round. making me cry may be one thing...he's a jerk, i can deal with that and move on. leaving a trail of people crying in his wake is absolutely another thing. it's uncouth. between his behaviour second round and fourth, i don't think i i will ever look him in the eye or respect him at all, mock trial competence aside.

okay, end of rant about that. i should go back to work.

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