Tuesday, November 09, 2004

ah, tuesday morning. i was working on mock trial this morning at the breakfast table, and i didn't want to stop doing that in order to work. why can't being a mock trial coach be my paying job? (my roommate said that i want to be brad bloch when i grow up. i can't tell him he's completely wrong.)

i think i'm going to throw in the towel on nano--i just don't have time this month to write 50000 words, between the fact that my computer at home isn't working (so i'd have to go to the library and live there), and the fact that i have three mock trial tournaments this month (the one a week and a half ago, the one this weekend, and the one the following weekend.) and then, thanksgiving...which will involve probably the better part of a week in kansas. i really feel bad, but i have no choice...hopefully i'll get some writing done, and write this thing in its entirety eventually--i have a good plan for a novel and i have some characters that i really like. but, it's not getting written--november's too busy a month for me. i know, i'm a huge rotten loser.

other than that...not too much is up. i need to go to the basement and work for a while. the sooner i'm done in storage, the sooner i can go back to d'angelo, type in cards, and chat on instant messages with everyone.

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