Thursday, October 28, 2004

things that rock:
--knitting and crocheting. i'm crocheting (tunisian crochet!) a little tote bag. i have a tiny bag, and some big messenger bags, but i don't have anything that's just big enough to carry my wallet, my cell phone, and a notebook to write in. now i'm doing that...and it's going to be sexy, fire-engine red. hot, hot, hot. also, i'm going to go to the yarn store sometime soon with my roomie, and we're going to get yarn to knit sweaters. i'm going to make a nice, warm, sweater...the pattern has skulls on the sleeves, but i haven't decided yet if i'll do mine with skulls or something else on it.
--novel writing. last night, i was working on some preliminary planning for my novel for nanowrimo, and it's just so much fun to come up with ideas! i'm starting to love one of my characters so much...maybe i'll give her a bigger role, it depends on what happens after i flesh out characters that i conceive to be more "main" right now. i just want to start writing the thing...but no cheating, i can't start until november 1st...
--cookie dough. i was going to make cookies last night, but with a little help from my roomie, i was convinced to leave it as cookie dough. mmmmmmmm...cookie much better than cookies.
--this weekend. i'm going to st. louis tomorrow, meeting up with my boyfriend, and then we're driving to kansas to go judge at the university of kansas mock trial tourney. i get to spend lots of time with the most adorable guy on earth, and i also get to take bad mockers down a peg if they try any funny stuff in my courtroom. both of these things make for a wonderful weekend.

things that suck:
--perjuries is down this morning. that makes me sad. i want to post to perjuries. i swear, i'm addicted to that really...i can stop whenever i want...i only have 5050 posts...
--the bus was late this morning. the 8:55 bus, which is always on time, was not today...i think it came five or six minutes early, and therefore i had to wait 'til 9:10. my boss was cool about it, but it's still frustrating.

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