Wednesday, October 27, 2004

there once was a band called creed. way back in the mythical days of 1998, they released an album called my own prison, and it was good. six years hence, that album still cuts the mustard, stands up to repeated listenings, and, best of all, rocks.

time passed. they released albums called human clay and weathered. human clay had a few decent songs, but was mostly filler. weathered was not worthy of use as a beer coaster, as all of its songs were bad. it was sad, seeing a band that released such a good album degrade to that.

then the lead singer, scott stapp, went off the deep end. he performed a show drunk and tried to pass it off as unique. finally, scott and the rest of his band parted ways. the rest of the band went on to form alter bridge, with the lead singer from the mayfield four. alter bridge continued to sound like creed, with a different singer. alter bridge exists today, continuing to put many people to sleep in the name of rock.

scott, however, struck out on his own. he has yet to release any new music in any wide rotation, but he has a public gig this very night, this twenty-seventh day of october, two thousand and four. he is singing at a baseball game between the boston red sox and the saint louis cardinals. he is singing a bad song that should never, ever be sung at baseball games, especially in the middle of the seventh inning. that song is called "god bless america".

and this particular performance, or anticipated performance, is proof that he has hit rock bottom, at least in the estimation of sane, anti-jingoistic, rock music loving people everywhere.

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