Monday, October 11, 2004

so, today is national coming out day...a toast to all who have the courage. i had hinted at it for several years before, but this is the first national coming out day that i've actually been out as bi, in so many words, to people. it's a good feeling, not to have to hide behind any sort of mental was one of those things where i knew that it would be no big deal, and i'm sure enough people suspected it anyway, but jumping that last fence of just telling people already...that was difficult. still, it's nice to be over it, and in a lot of respects, it's no big's no big deal to anyone but me. sexuality, especially my own, is something i think about a lot, it's something i find extremely important and extremely fascinating to explore. it's strange, sometimes i don't feel taken particularly seriously by society as bisexual, given that i'm dating a guy right would be a lie to say that it didn't bother me, but it's something i deal with. it's annoying, it's silly, but it's not something i have to apologise for, and it's not something i have a whole heck of a lot of control over. i'm happy where i am, so screw everyone and everything that wants to get in my way.

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