Wednesday, October 20, 2004

most scattered post ever--bullet point time!

--i actually slept last night...the deejay from q101 never called me to tape the segment. that sucks (maybe i'll do it another day?!?! i hope...), but i did get some much-needed shut-eye last night. score.

--proof i'm insane--i got my 5000th post on today. go me. :)

--red sox forced a game seven. joe west, the ump we heckled last month at the expos/marlins game, made a key call in the eighth inning. it was baseball amusement at its finest. let's see the yanks choke again tonight!!!

--i'm doing nano next month...i'm trying to decide whether i should blog my novel or not. i don't want anyone stealing it, but i don't think anyone would anyway. besides, it would be kind of fun to watch it develop online. any thoughts on whether i should blog it or not? (for all of you who wouldn't want to read it here...if i blog my novel, i won't blog it on this blog...i'd just provide a link between this blog here and my novel-blog.)

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