Friday, October 08, 2004

life is good right now. wazee's down, but that's okay, because i'm listening to canadian radio...which is infinitely cooler than regular american fm radio, by virtue of being canadian. it's friday, which is always a good thing. last night didn't turn out as planned, but it was awesome...after mock trial, i played in a poker tournament, but i busted out early. that kinda sucked, but i can't fault it since someone stupid-systemed me with a bad hand preflop and got a straight to beat my kings and jacks.

i went home, swearing i'd go to bed early since i hadn't so much been sleeping this week. well...that didn't happen. today's my friend's 21st birthday, so some of my friends were going out for a midnight drink at jimmy's, and i joined them. jimmy's was packed, but it was all good 'cause we ended up getting a table. a midnight drink turned into staying 'til last call (not THAT long, only 2am), several pitchers of beer, and me realising that i just can't chug beer faster than my roommate. a little disconcerting, but i'd never done too much chugging before. was just generally silly times, drinking beer and goofing off and having fun. shockingly enough, though, i was up for work and feeling better than i thought i would. i'll be paying tonight, given that it was another night without much sleep, but oh, well. i'll find some of my friends is flying into town from philly this weekend, so i'm sure we'll end up doing something tonight.

and then tomorrow...whirlyball!!! i swear, i want to hug the genius that came up with the idea of playing a lacrosse-like game in bumper cars!!!

and then...i found out yesterday that i will indeed get to see my boyfriend next weekend. we haven't decided yet if he's coming here or i'm going to st. louis, but either way...i get to see him!! i'm giddy and silly and happy about that, because i love to see him, and i was really hoping we'd get to see each other at least once before the kansas mock trial tournament halloween weekend. :)

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