Monday, October 18, 2004

i'm not dead.

quite the contrary, i had a wonderful weekend. :) my boyfriend came to town. i hadn't seen him in four weeks, and it was great to see him again. i'm so happy that i won't have to go that long without seeing him again, at least for a long while, since i'm going to the jayhawk mock trial invitational with him in two weeks, and then we'll both be at the shucker two weeks after that. he got in really late on friday we chilled in on friday night. saturday, we went out to go see team america--that movie just plain rules, no two ways about it. he was dying to see it, and i wanted to see it too, so we went. it was so funny--no one's political views were safe, but matt stone and trey parker are such geniuses that it all remained on the hilarious side of offensive. after that, we were originally planning to get together with some other friends of mine and go to the pub, but that didn't we ended up hanging out with a few friends in my living room, being enormous nerds. i can't really explain what we did...except that it involved assigning random entries in reference books to ourselves and our friends. sunday was pretty lazy, it involved watching sports and playing monopoly. then he had to leave, about 4:30, which made me sad, but i know he had to.

the rest of the day, i sat around and watched baseball. cardinals lost, not cool. red sox won...that's good, i doubt they'll win the next three, too, but it'll be one more game to tire the yanks out a bit.

then i went to bed. it didn't work out so well, i was awake for three hours in the middle of the night, and then slept badly otherwise. so now, it's monday morning, noon thirty, and i feel like absolute crap.

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