Thursday, October 07, 2004

i think i'm going to do national novel writing month this year. i've had an idea in my head for a novel for a while now, since the summer, and i've got a few parts of it outlined out...all as a result of a late, late night brainstorm on a greyhound bus across the midwest back in july. now that i've finally got my computer working (yes, i did get that monitor yesterday! now, to buy an ethernet cord long enough to reach halfway down my apartment...), i can write as much as i want, at home, on the computer. the goal of it is to write 50000 words in a month...i don't yet know if my story will be able to stay alive that long, since i don't know if the story is actually novel-length or if it would be more suited to a long, elaborate short story, but it's worth a shot. i don't know if i'll have the time to write it in november, between mock trial and law applications, but again, it's worth a shot. even if i don't write the whole thing in november, i will at least write some of it in november, make something of that brainstorm i had.

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