Monday, October 04, 2004

i think i have a possible topic for my personal statement. it's kind of an extension of one of my old blog entries, the one about how harrowing it was that the KKK was admitting that being ignorant, uneducated, was good. i'm thinking i might use that as a framework or an intro for discussing my thoughts and experiences with ignorance and the inability to consider new and different points of view that is so rampant in political groups--on both the left wing and the right, both groups that want to promulgate hate and groups that want to do good for people. i have several personal experiences where i've had a short fuse with ignorance in political groups (biggest case in point, my choice to cease doing work with student activist groups my second year of college, after being so heavily involved my first...). it's not completely fleshed out yet, i just have a sheet of paper with my stream-of-consciousness notes. still, it's a start, and it's the first personal statement topic i've thought of that doesn't seem completely hackneyed or completely out of the mouth of a squeaky sixteen year old girl.

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