Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i hate my job right now.

i have to barcode books in the storage area in the basement of harper. the range i'm working on is right by the boiler. i'm about to die.

yesterday my ratio of boss-alert time to not-boss-alert time was, for the first time ever, above 1. that curbs my morale a lot.

i've had an enormous case of insomnia this week; i slept like crap last night too.

at least tonight, i'll make something good of my insomnia--i was picked to do the 3am "bathroom break" show on q101--where the deejay just leaves, and lets a listener deejay three songs of her/his choice. in other words, if you're bored and still awake at 3am tonight, and you're in chicago, PLEEEEEEEEEASE turn to q101! you'll get to listen to me, and hear three songs that haven't seen radio airwaves since (gasp) the nineties.

but, until i get off work and go to mock, life blows.

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