Wednesday, October 13, 2004

i did win a poker tourney last night. it was a small tourney, only 12 people, but it was a $20 buy-in so the first prize was $120. :) i started off really hot, about ten minutes into the tournament, i flopped quad eights and doubled up after a full house called my all-in. i was up to about $100 in chips (we started with $50) after that, i started not seeing a darn thing, and my stack dwindled down to about $58 by the time there were five or six people left. then, i just set fire...i knocked out the last three people to win the tournament, my stack just kept growing. one hand i was just about knocked out on, we were down to three people. i went-in with ace-ten, and someone with ace-queen called me; he had me covered. i got so lucky--a ten fell, and i doubled my stack. the knocking-out i did was pretty straightforward...i knocked out the fourth place finisher when my king-jack took out his pocket eights, the third-place finisher when my ace high beat his king high, and then the second-place finisher when my ace-king flopped a straight to take out his king-six (it was suited, but no flush came.) it was pretty nice to win a poker tournament...maybe i'm getting somewhat back into the swing of tourney poker. we'll see again tomorrow, i guess.

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