Thursday, October 21, 2004, alan keyes was supposed to speak at the law school today at 12:15, but that has been cancelled. that's a shame, although i'd be a liar to say that i'm shocked or surprised by his cancellation.

i was going to protest his appearance today over lunch. outlaw (the queer law student group) and queers and associates (the undergrad queer group) were going to lead a protest. it was funny...i was telling friends of mine that i was planning to join in this. see, alan keyes has no chance whatsoever of taking out barack obama in the election. some of my friends thought it was cool that i was planning to protest--some of them thought it was rather silly, and that i should just ignore him and he'd go away. what i realised this morning was that reactions were pretty much divided along lines of sexuality--my straight friends generally said that if you ignore him he'll go away, and my queer friends said that it was awesome that i was going to protest. he's far on the social right wing on a lot of things--but what he's been catching possibly more flak for than anything is that he's a raving homophobe. he calls queers "selfish hedonists". the way i see it...protesting homophobes, especially homophobes in politics, can never be a bad thing, and can never be a fruitless thing. it's his position that people who are not straight are second class citizens, and i'm not going to take it.

like my wonderful lesbian roommate and i concluded this morning...he's a bad person, and bad people should be protested.

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