Tuesday, October 12, 2004

the biggest jerk ever wrote into savage love today...and dan savage ripped him a new one. dan savage...you get a cookie. "what's the point", whoever you are...if i ever meet you, i will cut off your balls.

I have a friend at my university who is shockingly hot. She is also a 21-year-old virgin. She doesn't think that premarital sex is a sin, but she says that she wants to remain pure for her future husband. She also says she thinks about sex a lot, but remains virginal anyway. I think she is wasting a perfectly hot body, and denying herself (and us guys) a basic human pleasure. Besides, she would be doing her future husband a favor by gaining a bit of experience. Forgive me if you have covered this issue before, but can you please inform her of the many reasons NOT to remain a virgin at 21?
What's The Point?

The best reason for a shockingly hot woman NOT to remain a virgin at 21, WTP, is a sincere desire on the part of the shockingly hot woman to cease being a virgin. There are, of course, all sorts of good reasons why people should sleep around a bit before they settle down, and I've covered them in previous columns. But if a hot woman wants to remain a virgin, you have to respect her choice. And if, by remaining a virgin, she's denying her perfectly hot body to the kind of guys who regard hot women's bodies as public amenities, well, I'm gonna get her back. If I were a woman with a hot body, and I was given a choice between virginity and sleeping with guys who believe that women with hot bodies are obligated to sleep with them, I might choose virginity, too.

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