Wednesday, September 22, 2004

ugh...i got so sunburned on saturday at the football game. despite using aloe to moisturize, my face is still peeling. eeeewwwwww...i'm so ugly this week, so ugly. the only thing i can compare it to is that it makes me look like beric dondarrion...maybe not after he died six times (and had half his head bashed in), but maybe after two or three deaths. then again, maybe with the skin sloughing off my face, maybe i look like catelyn stark at the end of a storm of swords, with the skin rotting off her face, from being in the river for so long... anyway, i look a total horror, like one of these dead people brought back to life.

on another topic, i forgot to post a funny story from this weekend. i laugh at it now, although it was embarrassing and depressing at the time. saturday night, we went was me, my boyfriend, and three of my roommates. we decided to start at the cove, and then go to jimmy's. so, we walk across hyde park to the cove, and walk into the bar. we weren't worried at all--all of us were actually between the ages of 21 and 23, with real identification to prove it. the bartender cards us, so i take out my id card. it's a little old, and it's an id as opposed to being a driver's license, but it was actually issued by the state of north carolina as proof of my identity.

he looks at my id, and asks if i have anything else with my name on it. i take out my student id, which has my name and photo, but not my age. he asks if i have anything else with my age on it, because he can't take my id. i was completely confused, and tried to tell him it was my real id, just a little old. he said he couldn't see a hologram. furthermore, he said the id said i was under 21, so i couldn't take it. i put it in the light and showed him the hologram. i pointed out that the birthdate was in november of 1982, but the id was issued to me three years ago, before i turned 21. he would not listen. he asked me again if i had anything else, i told him i had a passport at home, but i lived clear across hyde park. finally, after him being a jerk to me for a couple minutes (he did all of that rather rudely), we left.

one of my roomies told me that i should have, when asked where i lived, said "two blocks from jimmy's", since i indeed live two blocks from jimmy's. that's what we did...we walked back to jimmy's, where they carded us, let us in, and we spent our beer money there instead.

screw the cove.

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