Thursday, September 23, 2004

so sleepy today, but no matter. last night was a great night at the poker table.

it didn't look so to start, i bought in for $20 as usual (it was a .25/.50 no limit cash game, the same thing i've been playing all summer), and after struggling a bit i busted out...i had a low pair, but a flush draw and a straight draw, and it all busted. i had $20 more on me, so i rebought against my better judgment.

that wasn't looking so good at first, as well. i lost a few small pots, and wasn't seeing cards at all. i was dealt jack-ten of hearts, and when someone next to me went all-in, i stressed over it for a minute or two and then called--which meant i was all-in, he had me covered. he flipped over pocket sixes, which i was none too happy (although none too shocked) to see. the flop didn't look all that promising (a pair of nines and another random low card that helped no one)--but the turn came K-Q, so i runner-runnered my straight to double up.

from then on, everything i touched turned to gold, it seemed. it was funny, that straight was the only hand i had all night that was any better than trips, but by some combination of good luck and smart betting (scaring people out of pots when i had something good although not quite the nuts), i just started raking in pot after pot after pot. that's actually what i'm most proud of about last night...not just that i won so much money, but that i did it without having an absurd run of extremely good cards, pocket rockets and A-K suited and all. it was more finesse and betting than anything.

one hand, i had queen-ten...i was still ahead in chips, but hitting a bit of a dry spell and wanting to gamble. the flop came cheap (only a couple bucks over the blinds), so i saw it. there was a 10, and two lower cards. top pair...good kicker...time to have some fun. one of the guys, who was really shortstacked, went all in, and i called. so did another player. the turn came, i think it was a jack, but i don't remember very well. i put the other guy all-in, and he called me. he flipped over his cards, he was on a draw. his draw didn't river out, so i got his chips. the other guy, in the main pot but not the side pot, flipped over his cards, and he had 10-9--so i outkicked him with my queen, and took the entire pot, which was easily a $40 or $50 pot.

another hand was pretty fun...i had pocket sixes, and saw the flop--which came up J-6-4. my six tripped up, and it was me and two other people in the pot. i decided a check-raise would be loads of fun. i checked, and the next guy bet $12. the third person folded, and i raised his $12 all-in. he thought about it for a couple minutes, and finally decided that he thought i was bluffing a pair of fours, but that it was too expensive to pay to see it, so he folded. he was pretty happy he folded when i told him that i was indeed not bluffing, and flipped over my sixes.

there was one other pot that was ridiculously funny. i got dealt pocket queens...a friend of mine, against whom i get in LOADS of pissing matches when i'm just playing poker for pennies, called the big blind, and i raised it four bucks right after him. it's folded all the way around to him, and he calls to see a flop. the flop comes three cards all under my queens. he bets $10, i raise him to $20, and he calls me. the turn comes a king, we taunt each other a bit. since it is an overcard, i check along...if he had the king, and the river was lower than a king, i assumed he'd bet into me on the river. sure enough the river was a low card, he checked to me. i bet $15. he told me he thought i had nothing, but that i had bought the pot--since he indeed had nothing. to prove i wasn't getting into a rash pissing match with him, i was nice and showed him my queens...and then took about $25 of his money. hehe. :)

so...a good little day for me at the poker table. i wish i had more days like that.

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