Monday, September 20, 2004

random amusing exchange for the weekend. (necessary background--many of my friends have a tendency to call me a goat.) scene: the medici.

me (to my friends): so my boyfriend thinks i'm a farm animal.

my boyfriend: i had a traumatic experience at a petting zoo when i was a child.

me: so you try to fix that by dating a goat?

my boyfriend: yes. [nods, uses inflection like it's the most logical, obvious answer ever.]

yes, it's completely absurd. my friends are weird. my boyfriend is weird. then again...i am likewise weird, so it only makes sense.

speaking of my wonderful that he came to visit me this weekend. :) it was a wonderful weekend, the only blemish in it was the fact that kansas lost the football game to northwestern. my friends seem to like him a lot, which is good...i wasn't worried that they wouldn't like him, but it's always just a little...i don't know, there's just that random off-chance that they might not like him. he's the first significant other i've taken in front of the tribunal (my other one, a couple years ago, everyone knew already since he was in our group of friends to begin with), and they're always really demanding. it's all out of love, and i knew he would pass with flying colours, but i get irrational sometimes. still...he's brilliant, he's got a wonderful sense of humour, and it was clear they'd adore him...which he did.

and he read chapters out of A Storm of Swords to me saturday night and sunday morning. if that's not the cutest thing ever, i don't know what is. he even apologized for not being able to do different voices for all the characters...for crying out loud, he read to me!!! that is, without a doubt, the cutest thing that anyone has ever done for me, and i'm still a complete mushball because of it.

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