Monday, September 20, 2004

one of my friends had this in his journal, and questions are fun. i'll make up questions for you, too...just post a comment asking me for questions, and i'll give them to you for you to answer in your blog. pass it on. questions are fun.

1. Give your name prefences for your kids, one boy and one girl, and the reason why.

well...i don't want kids. me having kids would be a supremely bad idea, as bad an idea as me getting married. but, for the sake of argument...

girl: Thessaly it's a region in ancient greece that was mentioned in herodotus' The Histories, and i thought it would make an extremely pretty name for a girl when i read that book first year. as for a middle name...i don't have anything in mind, any girl's names that jump out at me.

boy: Liam Dante. i've had those names picked out since i was eleven or twelve. they're just pretty names... Liam i don't associate with any particular person or thing, i think it just sounds good. in this really hot college basketball player from when i was in middle school.

2. Who is your favorite world leader currently in power?

call me an ignorant sot, but i really don't have one. i have a least favourite, George W. Bush, for flipping the world off, killing over a thousand soldiers in an unjustified war, and ignoring those who most need the government's protection here at home. i also don't have much love for Tony Blair, for being the one who bowed to Bush on the issue of Iraq. but...none of this blather answers the question, and i don't have an answer.

3. What's the dumbest thing you have done outside of scavhunt and mock?

that's easy. i have a blog entry that somewhat talks about it. it was the day after my 21st birthday, i went to a ratbag hero show at the big horse lounge. the band got me really really drunk, and after the concert i went with the singer and these two other people (one sober, one as drunk as we were) to this bar at 45th and talman. the DD and her friend had to leave when the friend's house got broken into, so he and i were stuck at the bar. we drank some more beers, got a six-pack to go...and he decided it would be a good idea to walk back to his place--at 32nd and racine. so, we walked three miles across the south/southwest side of chicago, from brighton park to bridgeport, drunk as skunks and drinking more...alternating between yelling at each other and making out. we even ran into these random guys on 31st street (we went up archer to 31st, down 31st, and then down racine to 32nd) who talked to us and gave us more beer. walking through the south side extremely drunk, talking to strangers, drinking to excess, being a was dumb, but boy was it fun.

4. What is your favorite physics equation?

heisenberg's uncertainty principle. [(Δx)(Δp)≥(h)/(4π)] it just amuses me that it's an equation that gives you a range for how wrong your guess must intrinsically be, by the laws of physics. sure, it doesn't apply at all on a macroscopic level, but it's just comforting for a screw-up like me to know that nothing's perfect, that not everything can be perfectly known. the idea that light used to observe or measure things would have to necessarily make the measurement inaccurate to an extent...i love it.

but, if there were one neat little equation that you used to solve coaxial cable problems, i'd list that too. because...i heart solving those, they were my favourite problems to solve in physics 142. finding the electric field in or around a coaxial cable--yay for maxwell's equations!!! :)

5. If you could be appointed to the Cabinet, which post would you want?

secretary of homeland security. first of all, i'd rename it, because calling it "homeland security" is as insulting as singing God Bless America at baseball games. this isn't our homeland at all. we stole it. it smacks of disregard for anything but white america. then, i'd use my leverage as secretary of homeland security to revamp policies that the bush administration has been using to "catch terrorists", or more accurately just keep an eye on our library records, hold "suspected terrorists" without writs of habeas corpus or rights to contact other words, i'd be secretary of homeland security because there needs to be someone in that post who gives a crap about our civil liberties, and uses it to regain and protect them as opposed to sacrificing them in the name of "catching terrorists".

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