Thursday, September 16, 2004

okay, so my friend and i had the most bizarre IM conversation today. i'm so amused that i had to post it.

notmchcall: i want winter to come!!
TheMindOfSpinoza: i know
TheMindOfSpinoza: long nights
TheMindOfSpinoza: bitter winds
notmchcall: snow
TheMindOfSpinoza: all experienced from the comfort of the reg
notmchcall: or herodotus the talking stick
notmchcall: in my case
TheMindOfSpinoza: oh right
notmchcall: ::halo::
TheMindOfSpinoza: ms i'm not in school anymore
TheMindOfSpinoza: suck it
notmchcall: nope, sorry
notmchcall: not sucking anything
TheMindOfSpinoza: nicky
TheMindOfSpinoza: don't lie
TheMindOfSpinoza: i know what you're sucking
TheMindOfSpinoza: i don't want you to mention it
TheMindOfSpinoza: and i don't want to think about it anymore
TheMindOfSpinoza: but you know just as well as i do
TheMindOfSpinoza: so, with that being said, we know that you're sucking at least one thing
notmchcall: and it's not attached to you
notmchcall: when you tell me to suck it, it is implicit that you are commanding me to suck something attached to josh ruby
notmchcall: which is something i am not doing.
TheMindOfSpinoza: no
TheMindOfSpinoza: there is no implicit antecedent
TheMindOfSpinoza: as i mentioned no antecedent
TheMindOfSpinoza: you assumed a connection that was not there
TheMindOfSpinoza: and we all know what happens when you assume, right nicky?
notmchcall: no, the phrase "suck it", as used in the vernacular, does have an implicit antecedent
notmchcall: namely, the utterer's phallus
notmchcall: if they want you to suck something else, they say it
notmchcall: as in "go suck an egg"
TheMindOfSpinoza: well then, in that case
TheMindOfSpinoza: go suck a tin can, nicky

random, i know...but too amusing to let it slide into digital oblivion.

(by the way...notmchcall is my IM handle...if any of you random readers are bored or just want to say hello, feel free to IM me. :) i don't bite.)

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