Sunday, September 05, 2004

my neck hurts...i'm in a state of concert hangover. escape from earth, inept, and dysception were absolutely amazing. i was especially in the mood to see dysception last night, since they're an angry-screamy-yelly band, and i was really in a rotten mood last night. it definitely improved my mood, all the music, the concert. still, i was really antisocial last night...there were a bunch of people i knew in line for the show, and i talked to them a bit, but i just wanted to be alone. i wanted it to be me and the music, and when there wasn't a band on stage, i just wanted to read the book i had brought with me.

after that i went to go see too much light makes the baby go blind. man, i missed that show. i hadn't been to go see it in about a's an amazing show. one of the plays last night, i actually got to be in, which amused me greatly. i had a funny feeling it was an audience-participatory play when the title was "reality theatre presents: trading places." so, i kept calling for it. when it got picked, one of the cast members was like, who wants to take my place in this play? i raised my hand and got picked to do it. she sat in my seat in the audience, and i went up on stage. they dimmed the lights, started the play...and then proceeded to announce..."the importance of being earnest. by oscar wilde." i knew it was going to be ridiculous--i've neither read nor seen that play, so i had no idea what kind of context i was jumping into. i said some random, random stuff...this guy sitting in a chair was ranting about random stuff, asking for his five o'clock refreshment, wondering where i'd been since last thursday...i came up with some random stuff about brewing the beer for his refreshment. there was stuff about marriage...i was kind of kicking myself afterwards, right after i replied to a marriage-type comment, i thought of the greatest line...but oh well, the crowd was amused by me anyway, i'm sure. :) it was lots and lots of fun...i love acting in front of groups of people, and i'd never gotten to go onstage like that and have a role in a too much light play before. i enjoyed doing that greatly.

then i went home to go to bed...went to sleep pretty quickly, but hoped to sleep in later than i did. i woke up at 9:40 or so this morning, which is bad since i didn't conk out until 2:30 or 3 last night. maybe i'll nap today, i have no plans.

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