Friday, September 24, 2004

more poker last night. :) i've played so much poker this week...i played a tourney friday night with my mocker friends and my boyfriend, saturday night we didn't bet money, but we played some drunken blind man's bluff and also (earlier, before we hit the bars) this crazy game my roommate invented called Halicarnassus Hold-Em. sunday, monday, and wednesday nights i played with the poker club...and after my huge ($168 ahead) night wednesday, i played again last night. my game was still on, things were falling, and i ended up ahead $57. i bought-in for $40, and never busted out once. that made me happy. it was most of the same people as usual...but not as many, which was good because there was actually space at the table.

not as many fun pot stories from last night, but i have a couple. there was one pot where i saw a flop with Q-J. the flop comes A-J-small card, and i felt like betting it aggressively($3 or $4). one of my friends, at the table, raised me all-in. i pondered...he trashtalked...i pondered...he was like "go ahead, call me with your jack." i eventually decide to throw it away, which was good because he indeed had the ace. he was amused that he had me read for the jack. i don't know how obvious i am, really...he can read me like a book, some can and some can't. i need to work at being more unpredictable.

another pot, later in the night...i had J-9 and saw a flop with it. it came up J-4-6. i bet a few dollars, and one other person called me. the next card fell a 9. i bet $2 or $3, he min-raised me, i re-raised him all-in. he agonized over it for a while...i had $34 left in front of me, so he just barely had me covered (he had maybe $5 or $6 beyond that.) he finally calls, and flips over his J-4. he looked like he was about ready to shoot himself when i flipped over my J-9. he didn't river his 4, his only out, so i ended up taking down this enormous pot.

the last fun hand story i have is the last hand i was in. i had declared it long ago as my last hand, since i had to leave then. i get dealt Q-9 offsuit. one guy raised a dollar preflop...i usually would have folded those cards in a heartbeat, but it was the last hand, and if i was going to get to see the flop on my last hand for just $1.50, i would gamble. if it sucked, i would fold. turns out, it didn't suck at all--two queens fell down. it was checked around to me. i was pretty sure no one had a queen, so i decided to be sly and just sell my hand. i tossed in a dollar and was like, "only a dollar to play. it's cheap." the preflop raiser folded, but my friend (the one who read my jack) called, and another guy raised me...but only a dollar over that. so, i re-raised him $2. my friend called, and so did the raiser. a 7 fell. it was checked around to me, i bet five bucks, they both called me. another 7 came on the river, to give me queens-full. i bet another five bucks, and inexplicably, they called me AGAIN. turns out, i was the only one with a queen! i couldn't believe they were calling my moderate-to big bets, calling my re-raises, with a pair of queens on the board. i guess i'm not complaining, though, since it was a nice hand to cash out on. i was shocked that my friend, especially, kept playing that...he said he didn't think i had the queen, i was kind of surprised that neither of them had me read for a queen. neither of them showed, i don't even know what they had.

alright...i have a couple things from yesterday that don't have a thing to do with poker that i still want to talk about.

first of is fun. i got bored yesterday when i got home from work, and decided i wanted to cook food, not just something quick but something that took a little longer...real, honest-to-God cooking. i also owed my roomie dinner, and he was around, and i knew he wouldn't object. so, i made tortillas (i discovered this summer how much fun making flour tortillas is, and how yummy they are when they're homemade!), made them into cheese quesadillas, and had them with chicken breasts in chipotle-onion sauce. it was one of the yummiest meals i've had in a long time...

also...i heard what might rival madonna's cover of "american pie" or lenny kravitz's "american woman" as the worst cover ever. i turned on q101 when i was cooking, and they played a cover of "imagine", by john lennon. i was trying to figure out who it was, the band sounded so familiar, but they absolutely butchered the song. i have heard it covered well before (i thought it should NEVER be covered, but Live did a very, very good cover of it when i saw them back in 1999), but i kept alternating between racking my brain for what band it was, so i could yell and scream and throttle them, and just being incredulous at how bad it was. it was dark and gloomy...which i usually like (see: snake river conspiracy's cover of "how soon is now", for example), but it really doesn't work there. after the song, the deejay revealed that it was a perfect circle doing the cover. that made me sad because i generally like a perfect circle, but they really should have just left "imagine" alone. i'd have a lot more respect for them if they did.

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