Tuesday, September 21, 2004

lately one of my pointless procrastinatory pastimes has been flipping through blogs. there are a few good ones, but most of them suck. a few observations, i guess...

--13 year olds who write blogs and abbreviate or misspell every word probably think they are the coolest people on earth, and their friends might read it, but no one else will. eyes will glaze, and they will move on. i dnt care whut u n ur peeps did. uze nglsh.

--there is a disturbing number of ana/mia (anorexia/bulimia) blogrings and blogs. it's the most disturbing thing ever, people listing these dangerously low weights, taking pictures of their protruding ribcages and posting them for all to see, encouraging each other with memes like "any day without food is a good day"...so many blogs like that, and they're all basically the same.

--i just saw a blog written by a ten year old kid. in a "christian singles" blogring, no less...i guess i'd be disturbed if he weren't single. i feel old. ten year olds aren't supposed to be posting on the internet--i didn't ever use it until i was eleven, darn it!!!!

--i should call my boyfriend and go to bed. i'm tired, and i'm wasting valuable sleepytime jerking around on the internet.

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