Friday, September 03, 2004

it took everything in me to make myself go to work this morning. i woke up with a neckache and a tummyache, and i couldn't sleep well to save my life last night. i dragged myself to work anyway, given that i need money and that next week is not a full week of work.

i also wanted food. there was no suitable breakfast at home (need to work on that...), so i was going to get money from the ATM at work and buy something at the cafeteria, a bagel or pop tarts or something. i go to the ATM...and it's out of money. grrrr. now my neckache and tummyache have subsided thanks to the magic of ibuprofen, but i'm now hungry enough to eat a horse, and the cafeteria here doesn't take plastic. therefore i'm hungry until i can leave work. i haven't decided yet if i'm going to stay a full day or not...i really really should, but i might end up ducking out a little early this afternoon. i don't know. blah. i'm hungry.

at least it's labour day weekend. i don't have all that much planned yet. i might go to the white sox game tonight--my roommate brought it up last night, and i haven't been to a baseball game in a month and a half, easy. saturday night's pretty packed... i'm seeing inept, escape from earth, and dysception at the metro. that should be awesome...i've been out of town so much that i haven't been to a concert since mobfest, about two months ago. i love all three of these bands, so it should be an awesome time. after the show, i'm going up to andersonville to see too much light makes the baby go blind, this wonderful wonderful stage show. i've seen it eight times (it changes every week), but the last time i went was about a year ago. it'll be wonderful to see it again.

other than that, my weekend's pretty open. i should do housework...ugh. the kitchen's a mess. my bedroom's a mess. i have to do laundry soon. i have to get my life in order.

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